Some of the women scholars of the past and present

Umm ‘Abdillaah ‘Aaishah Bint Abee Bakr As Siddiq (رصي الله عنهما). It is well known in the affair of hadeeth that if we look into the books of hadeeth terminology, you will find the different stances. And from that which they mention in the book of the Sahaabah or the ‘ilm of the Sahaabah (رصي الله عنهم), and the mentioning of the sciences that deal with the Sahaabah, it mentions Al Mukthiiroon ‘Alaan Nabiyyi. They mention that the people who have the most narrations on the Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه و سلم), and from those who had the most narrations from the Mukthireen ‘Alaan Nabiyyi was ‘Aaishah

Faatimah Bint Al Mundhir (رضي الله عنها). This particular story should be an encouragement for the women. Her husband was Hishaam Ibn ‘Urwah (رصي الله عنهم) who was also a scholar of hadeeth and a narrator. If you look in the biography of Hishaam Ibn ‘Urwah you will find that from his teachers and from those whom he took knowledge from was actually his wife Faatimah Bint Al Mundhir. If you look into the biography of Hishaam, if you look at those whom he narrated from, those who were from his shuyook (shaykh pl.), you will find his wife, Faatimah Bint Al Mundhir

‘Amatul ‘Azeez Al Baghdaadiyyah Thumma Dimashqiyyah (رحمة الله عليها) – Adh Dhahabee said about her, “Aalimatun Fadheelatun,” (she was a noble scholar), and she narrated much upon the nakeer…

Hadiyyah Bint ‘Alee Al Baghdaadiyyah (رحمة الله عليها) – Imaam Adh Dhahabee said that she narrated very much, she was a very poor woman, and a woman of ‘ebaadah. She was read upon (meaning she gave lessons) from the book of Ad Daarimee (رحمه الله تعالى), from his musnad and a number of other books besides it.

The following are examples of women students of knowledge are currently alive.

The righteous Shaykhah Umm ‘Abdillaah ‘Aa’ishah Bint Muqbil Ibn Haadi, Al-Wadi’eeyah (Of Yemen): Shaikh Muqbil said about her: She is one who loves the Sunnah and calls to Allaah upon knowledge and understanding, and is a strong researcher who hates blind following and strives on understanding the proof and acting upon it.

Umm Salama As-Salafiyyah (Of Yemen): Shaikh Muqbil said about her: Umm Salama As-Salafiyyah (and she is a wife of Shaykh Muqbil): An excellent, ascetic caller to Allaah on firm knowledge, and she has excellent character.

Shaykhah Umm Ahmad Salwaa Subki (known as ustaadhah Salwaa) (Of Madinah). She has many tazkiyaat from the ‘ulamaa and a close relation with them – especially the mashaayikh in Riyaadh. She teaches Fathul Majeed fee sharh kitaabit tawheed, jaami’ul ‘uloomi wal hikam (explanation of 40 ahaadeeth an-Nawawiyyah) and al-‘aqeedah al-waasitiyyah

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