✤Ideological Attack✤

Question : What in your opinion is the definition of the Ideological Attack (al-ghazwa al-fikree) ?
Shaykh Abdul ‘Azeez Bin Baaz : The term, “Ideological Attack’, is a modern term, which refers to a set of efforts, undertaken by a particular nation, in order to conquer or influence another nation, such that (the attacked nation) is steered in a particular course of direction because of it.

It is far more serious than military warfare, since it aims at secrecy, seeking to achieve objectives initially; so that the attacked nation does not perceive it, nor prepares to halt it, nor stand in its way – thereby falling victim to it. The eventual result of this onslaught is that this nation becomes diseased in its thoughts and its senses; loving what the enemy wants it to love and hating what they want it to hate. It is a chronic disease, which attacks nations, doing away with its characteristics, removing its foundations and strengths. The nation, which is struck by it, does not even feel what has hit it, or what it even is! That is why curing it becomes somewhat difficult, and making (the attacked nation) understand the ways of righteousness becomes a struggle.

This war takes place by means of school curriculums, general education, media, small and large size publications, and other such channels. Through this the enemy hopes to deviate the nation from its beliefs, becoming attached to what the enemy throws at it. We ask Allaah for safety and protection from this.

[Majmoo’ Fataawaa wa Maqalaat Mutanawwi’ah (3/438 – 446)]

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