Alkalize your body

Environmental factors, poor health habits and a bad diet are all causing acidity in many people which leads to many illnesses and disorders. To ensure that your body stay in a healthy state of mild alkalinity, eat a diet full of alkaline foods to support PH balance in your body.


Excess acidity causes one to get sick more often

A body that is high in acidity tends to get tired, back aches, weak limbs, s;eepiness, poor memory, constipation, arithritis and rheumatism more often. Studies show that up to 85% of gout, high blood pressure and cancer patients are in a state of overly acidic. Thus it is important to address the adverse effects that over-acidity can have on our health.


Foods that are sour are not necessary acid-forming

It is a myth that sour tasting foods are acid forming. In fact, the acidifying or alkalinizing nature of food is not determined by its taste but by the nature of the organic salt in the food and its mineral constitutions. Potassium, sodium and magnesium and iron are alkaline-forming whereas phosphorus, chlorine and sulphur are acidic forming.

Lack in alkaline foods leads to acidic body

The main cause of an acidic body is the lack of alkaline in the body due to insufficient intake of alkalinizing foods. In our current world, environmental pollution, imprudent use of agricultural chemical fertilizers and the excessive consumptiom of meat and processed foods are all contributing to acidity in our bodies.


Acidity is harmful to the skin

Taking too much acidifying food can raise acidity in blood and slow down blood circulation. This will lead to dull and coarse skin with open pores. Poor blood circulation in the skin also causes an excess amount of sebum which leads to acne.

Use the checklist to check how acidic you are

  • Skin is dull and sluggish looking
  • Prone to acne and blackheads
  • Get tired easily when exercising. Feel fatigue easily and is sleepy all the time.
  • Moody, irritable and get angry easily
  • Gums bleed often and wounds take longer to heal, also prone to bruises
  • Catch colds easily, poor stomach intestine, liver and kidney health
  • Often constipated
  • Prefer sweet foods, have mouth odour
  • Sweaty feet and cold limbs
  • Prone to bites from mosquities and insects

List of acidic and alkaline-forming foods

Strong acid —- Egg yolk, cheese, sugar, sweet desserts, bonito, flounder, mullet roe,                                         cuttlefish

Mild acid ——- Ham, chicken, tuna, pork, beef, bread, butter, wheat, octopus

Low acid ——- White rice, peanut, beerm deep-fried tofu, chocolate, prawn, pea, shellfish

Low alkaline –Red bean, radish, apple, onion, tofu, potato, pear, mushroom

Mild alkaline – Soy bean, tomato, banana, strawberry, egg white, lemon, spinach, carrot,                              yam

Strong alkaline – Grape, tea, seaweed, citrus, cucumber, wakame, wine, chestnut



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