Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Programme


What is Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?abacus

Abacus and mental arithmetic are two concepts that are almost always correlated. The more familiar you are with the abacus, the faster you will learn and master mental arithmetic.

Research has shown that the abacus can be a really good way to learn about mental arithmetic. It is proven that the abacus can help in developing a child’s concentration, visualisation and listening skills.

The abacus can train your child to do mental calculations faster. And not only that, it improves the accuracy too.

Using the abacus will inevitably give your child the ability to memorise the abacus beads. When your child uses the abacus, they develop their ability to process and remember images.

Besides this, you can be rest assured that the abacus is the best way to learn mathematics given the fact that it is one of the oldest used devices to do mathematical computations. Long before the calculator or the computer, the abacus has been used to do calculations.

When your child uses the abacus, he moves the beads up and down and into different columns – each bead and movement representing a number. Now, when your child uses both his hands in performing speed mathematic or speed calculation, he develops the right and left side of his brain.

The movement of the beads in an abacus stimulates a quick communication between his logical and creative skills. The more these two are used simultaneously, the faster and more intelligent your child becomes.

By learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic using 2 hands, one can:

Stimulate the sense of sight (VISUAL).
Stimulate the hearing sense (AUDITORY).
Stimulate the sense of feeling (KINESTHETIC).
Stimulate the ability to imagine (IMAGINATION).
When these four respective SENSES are stimulated simultaneously, a person’s intellectuality will be enhanced quickly.


What is Mental Arithmetic?
Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation which is solely done by human mind using mental power or performing mathematical calculations mentally, without using any physical or external instruments such as a computer, calculator, paper or pencil.

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